(Gospel Comparisons)

Comparison of the Four Gospels

  Matthew Mark Luke John
Probable Date Written AD 50-80 AD 50-70 AD 55-80 AD 80-85
Probable Place Antioch of Syria Rome Rome Ephesus
Character of Author Teacher Storyteller Physician and Historian Theologian
Emphasis of Christ As King and Messiah Servant of God Son of Man God in flesh
Original Audience Jews Romans (Gentiles) Jews and Gentiles Universal and those being influenced by gnosticism
Major Emphasis Jesus' sermon's and words Jesus' miracles and action Jesus' humanity The principles of Jesus' teachings
Major Themes: Christ as Messiah Son of Man Savior of Mankind Signs
  Christ as King Servant of God Personal relationship with all levels of society Belief
  New Covenant Redemptive activity   Life